Competitive Call Tariffs

telephone systemsVery Good Bills is a BT wholesaler – this simply means we buy all of BT services direct from BT, at wholesale prices, enabling us to offer our customers savings on call charges and line rental. All calls are billed to the second, with no hidden charges and itemised fully on every bill you receive. In short, we offer the security and quality of a well reputed, tried and tested communications network, but with a more tempting price tag. To find out how much we could save you, simply send us a copy of a recent itemised bill, which we will analyse for local, national and mobile rates, and then come back to you with competitive rates.

Feeling sceptical? Just take a look at your bill yourself;

  • Are billed calls rounded up to the nearest minute? If you make a call, get voicemail and hang up, you may still be charged for a full minute, even though it lasted only a few seconds.
  • Are there minimum call charges? This is a minimum charge for the call, for example 5pence; eventually the cost will pass the minimum call charge but it can make short calls very expensive.
  • Is there a setup charge for calls? This is a setup fee, per call, on top of your call charges, and can also make short calls very expensive.

Not convinced? Take the cost of one call, divide it by the number of seconds in that call and then times that figure by 60. That is your price per minute – is it what you were quoted? Usually local and national rate calls are the same price with mobile prices being considerably more.

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