Web Based Billing

telephone systemsPaperless billing

All invoices are automatically emailed to customers each month to save time and ensure the right person receives them first time and it helps the environment too! Each invoice is also stored on the website and can be downloaded as required, once logged in with your unique username and password.

billing_overviewWeb Billing

With Web based billing, the user is connected to a secure database, so as soon as a call is imported it is possible to view it online. Some of the major benefits include:

  • Easy analysis of bills – just ‘drill down’ on any part of the bill to give a complete analysis breakdown to individual call level.
  • Better management reporting, providing a range of standard billing reports to help customers manage their costs effectively. The reports can be produced in pdf, excel or csv formats.
  • Detailed Call analysis – customers can query their calls based on user defined criteria such as cost, duration, number dialled or time of day, to help them spot misuse and trends allows customers to control costs .

Full analysis and reporting allows your customers to control costs, providing better customer satisfaction and retention.

leasingManagement by exception

To help control telephone abuse and misuse, or to monitor usage, customers can set-up and store alerts, which trigger a report email if certain criteria are met. For example: calls exceeding £5 in billing will automatically generate an emailed alert.

Customer cost allocation

If you offer extension or DDI billing, customers can allocate their own user names to extensions and departments to produce more meaningful reporting.
Cost allocation allows customers to understand and control an organisation’s call usage, providing a more competitive edge.

View CLIs

Customers can view their CLIs and add useful descriptions to them to help them easily identify costs, for example ‘Alarm Line’. User friendly descriptions promote better customer satisfaction.

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